Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset


Edvard Axel Rosenberg (Swedish School, 1858-1934)
In many ways Edvard Rosenberg was the archetypal Swedish painter, he was born in Stockholm in 1858 and attended the Academy of Fine Art in the same city. Rosenberg sought to capture the unique Scandinavian light conditions, his speciality being the extremities of the day when the sun was at its most colourful and vibrant. Rosenberg exhibited in Stockholm and also at the Salon in Paris, his work can now be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Art in Stockholm.

Oil on canvas. Signed on front


Height 58.5 cm / 23 "
Width 95.5 cm / 37 34"
Framed height 76.5 cm / 30 14"
Framed width 112 cm / 44 14"

Oil on canvas


Signed on front